The first assessment session is free and lasts 30 minutes.  It allows us both to decide if we want to continue working together.  Each session after this lasts 50 minutes and is charged at £30.

If you wish to continue after the initial meeting we would normally agree to meet for a further 6 sessions and then review the situation. We would both sign a contract agreeing to meet on a regular basis and to inform each other of any breaks we would need.


Discounts are available to those on low incomes or in receipt of benefits.  If you think you may qualify for a discounted rate please let me know when you book your first appointment.

Missed appointments

If either of us is unable to attend a session, we would agree to give each other 48hrs notice where at all possible.  If you fail to attend a session without prior notice, this would normally be charged for.


Accredited by BACP